Repo! The Genetic Opera Commentaries. Celected, part 1

- You know, what's cool about this scene (Repo Man song in the beginning), that, that I would like you guys to know: this song that he's singing right here we were not allowed to shoot - that because we didn’t have time to. So we did it one take and than there was Dan Hafner and Steve Wabwor off doing something, and I quickly put the cameras up, we shot the scene of Terrence singing – this was never in the sсript, it was not supposed to be in there.
- Darren.

- The girl on the left is Terrence’s girlfriend.(Scene, where Rotti’s bodyguards show up for the first time)
- She has a name?
- Alisa. (…)
(Indistinct Alexa’s off-microphone murmuring)
- Okay, Alexa Vega’s asked the cutest question in the world, she says: who is George Romero. George Romero is the king of zombies.
Alexa laughs throughout the phrase, then says Okay, Darren goes on explaining, then she exclaims: «Well, I wasn't born then, alright?».
- Darren and Alexa.

Alex about «the sandwich and a bug»:
- And, um, and I couldn’t put anything in that silver tin, although I wanted to, because I had to catch a bug. Which wasn’t there! This is my incredible acting dup, I had to pretend like there was a bug there. Oh, and this song was added. I was not supposed to say anything here, so that’s why you never see my face.

- That body was so heavy! Oh my gosh, do you see that body? That was like a ninety pound body, and Terrence had to lift it up and down for, maybe, sixty times. (…) I remember, when we did this scene, this was the first time that we ever had to, like, figure out, how Shilo reacts to being sick, like, how does she pass out, or does she start breathing heavy… Remember how, you know, I dare to say something like «Darren, what do I do?», he say «Um, just try something and we’ll see if it works.», so, like, um, okay. But I guess it seemed fine. I don’t know.
- Alexa.

- Originally it was supposed to start with the 21-st Century Cure, that the producers wanted me to start it with this. And it just never worked.
- Darren about the pre-Infected scene.

- Well, she’s like a bug, right?
- Yeah, like a little captured bug… Whoa, that dress is… Pretty daring short. (..) You know, there’s this one trick that I wear during one of the songs, that, um, the whole side is, like, ripped open, and, um, my right, I showed up on set, um, in nepopesties, because there were stylic scenes to shoot, - in nepopesties and, um, I put fake armpit hair in my armpits.And I showed up on set, and just started, like, dancing, and Terrence like: «What, are you..?»
- And she goes: «Hey, Terrence, what do you think?», and she lifted arms up, and she had pesties on her boobs.
- Alex and Darren.

- Yeah, Terrence got me out of bed, it’s like 8:30 in the morning or something, he’s like: «Alexa, come to the studio really fast, come to the studio! Anthony is here, I want you to sing with him, I want them to see that he could play your dad really well!», and it’s like «I’m there», but I was so asleep.
- Alexa

About Shilo watching TV:
- See, look, she’s having a Pavi moment!
- Actually, I had to be careful, ‘cause I had a tatoo on the bottom of my foot while we were shooting the scene, so if it was there on my left foot, it’s, like, staying down, while my right foot is popped, it’s a big old cross on the bottom of my foot, but yes, I was so afraid of what Terrence was gonna say, ‘cause I didn’t have it before I came out to trying to be up there, like, «My god, Alex», kinda stupid, ‘cause we were about to shoot.

About Zydrate Anatomy:
- Terrence is a Rock star.
- Shilo just wants out. She’s never been out of her room, so this is kinda shock to her.(Laughs) I’m sure she’s a little exited, but freaked out of her mind.
- GraveRobber is part of the human garbage.
- Darren and Alexa.

- I really fell asleep, I’m sleeping here. No joke, I fell asleep on the set, because that took them a while to set everything up and they just were lighting around me while I was asleep.(laughs)
- There was actually a completely different ending, where I see GraveRobber and I wave to him.
- Alexa.

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