Graverobber's story

GenCo's one of most gravely main technologists.

And an ordinary assisting girl.

Two kids of the harmonic marriage.

The perfect life.

Two zydrate stories.

When the younger son was born, the the elder was almost three years old. So, one month later, when a younger brother's first surgery stroke, the elder become the only pride of family's genetics. From that moment on, he was to grow and study in best specialized defensive board, completely isolated from whole world, but still free - to choose what to learn. Fifteen years later, there came a director of GenCo's technological department, and, satisfied the way his heir was raised, told him all about his own family.

"I'll stick your brother someplace warm and clean," - he said to his elder son, - "But you are special to me - you are the only hope of my genetics, the hope for perfection."

Now he was supposed to take a place near the director and raise his father's rates, just like a flag of a new idea. The idea of
Genetic perfection.

But, instead of it, he simply disappeared.

So, helping himself through by zydrate, director of GenCo's technological department now had his younger son as one of a lot of GenCo security soldiers, and his best genetics' heir.

As GraveRobber.

Which's job, along with his wife, he was made pretty soon.

( Repo! The Genetic Opera Fandom)

2014-06-28 в 00:37 

Вот, вспомнила Прелесть твою. И читаешь, даже слышится мелодия Панская.) Зачем же такое обзывать?
А ещё бровка хороша.)

2014-06-28 в 00:43 

Анжелика-Анна, не захваливай., многовато текста все равно, да и стиль недовыдержан.) а ту я мазнула и нечаянно попала.)

2014-06-28 в 00:48 

Blowing...Wind, и не думаю, разве я стану Кузину захваливать? История это, Роббера история. И бровка мне не меньше от того нравится.)


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